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Mini HIFU Machine Ultrasound

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Product Description:

  • # Make Your Skin Better: This is a 3 in 1 i Function Device. The MINI HIFU 2.0 machine penetrates to the dermis and fascia layer. It is suitable for the face, forehead, eyes, corners of the chin, neck, arms, legs, and body. It can also effectively help skin anti-aging, reduce wrinkles, remove fine lines, reduce eye bags, and improve eye conditions.

  • # WARMING UP FEELING-- MINI HIFU 2.0 Machine can promote the regeneration of collagen within a period of time to prevent skin sagging, thin the face, restore skin elasticity, and let you regain youthful skin.

  • # A LONGER EFFECT-- It is normal for the skin to feel a little turned red after using the MINI HIFU 2.0 machine for the face. It can also open skin pores, helping the skin to better absorb skin care products by allowing essential oils to directly reach the deep layers of the skin and exert their greatest effect.

  • # SAFE AND PORTABLE--- The MINI HIFU 2.0 machine is made of high-quality materials. If you find small red spots after use, this is a normal phenomenon and will recover tomorrow. Make-up is not allowed within 3 days after use. Please carefully understand the people who are not suitable for using this product before use, and each use should not last more than 30 minutes.

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