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Best makeup advice

  1. Always wash your face with cold water and not lukewarm or hot. The colder the water the tighter it leaves the pores of skin and hence just less absorption of dirt or makeup via skin.

  2. Rinse your hair with cold water once you are done washing your hair. Always let it air dry and reduce the amount of heat.

  3. Apply a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil for lash growth. It’s tried and tested by me. My secret : Add some mustard oil too.

  4. Coconut oil doesn’t serve all skin types and some people will experience more harm than good. Rather use some milk to get the makeup off and then use your favourite face wash.

  5. Always double cleanse after a hectic day. Remove all the makeup once with micellar water and then again use a nice cleanser.

  6. Every product that goes on your face goes on your neck too.

  7. Practice facial massaging every single day. It will change your skin I promise. Irrespective of how old you are start today.

  8. Always use a warm towel all over your face before scrubbing. It opens the pores and gets the gunk/dirt out. Use Ice cold water once done to seal and lock everything in.

  9. Every time you brush your teeth brush your lips as well. Ideally. Twice in a day.

  10. Less is more. Invest more in skincare and less on makeup !!!!’

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